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Hawaii Pacific University provides an opportunity to study a broad range of communication fields. With the proliferation of media channels globally, communication is predicted to be one of the career fields most in demand for the coming decade. HPU offers a B.S. degree in Corporate Communication and B.A. degree in Communication with concentrations in advertising, journalism, public relations, visual communication, speech, and theater. We also have masters degree. In addition to preparing students for careers in Communication, these degrees are also excellent choices for students planning further study in medicine or law.


Public relations practioners work for companies, media, or agencies and create publications, handle media relations, and stage special events. Heightened public scrutiny of business and accompanying demands for social responsibility are increasing the demand for this field.
Advertising is a creative and exiting industry worldwide. There are hundreds of jobs in advertising agencies, at advertisers like Ford or Nabisco, or in the media either selling advertising space or creating commercial messages. HPU students compete every year in the American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Competition by creating as actual campaign for a client.
Journalism classroom instruction is combined with hands-on experience in creating, designing, producing, and distributing Kalamalama, the HPU student newspaper. Studies in advertising, graphic design, mass media, and photography are applied to newspaper experience.
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Speech students learn to present and interpret messages from an audience. Studies include group dynamics, verbal and nonverbal techniques, argumentation and debate, and the use of logic, reasoning, and evidence in communication.

Theater offers students an opportunity for creative self-expression and preparation for careers in entertainment, education, mass media, training and developement, music, and the fine arts. Theater majors at HPU produse a play every semester. They also design promotional materials, create costumes, build sets, sell tickets, and publize the play. theater sign
corporate communications sign As competition stiffens among businesses, communication will be the key to success. Corporate communicators handle business communication for a company and manage crisis communication, publicity, institutional advertising, product promotion, graphic design, and serve as spokespersons.
The distinctions between traditional media are blurring and the new Visual Communication degree is designed to prepare students for jobs in the new media as well as in radio, television, and film. Students can use HPU's new Video Laboratorys equipement to create, shoot, edit and add sound and special effects to a visual production.
A Master of Arts in Communication will be offered in September of 1999 with concentrated studies in Integrated Communication and in Advertising. Journalism, as an area of concentration, will be added in near future. Students will choose to pursue a thesis track in preparation for further study or a professional track.

"Whether you choose to major in business or liberal arts, there are a variety of exciting, lucrative, and challenging careers available for communicators in the future."

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