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Updated: 12/14/98
mainB.gif (636 bytes) Hello my friends... You have entered the Domain of Weird Stories. On this page you will find a continuing story you can partisipate in. Just submit your suggestion to how this story should continue. I will pick the best suggestions every once and awhile (depending on how often I get ideas) and add it here... Check it out! Tervehdys taas. Olette astuneet sisaan Outojen Tarinoiden Onkaloon. Talta sivulta loydatte tarinan jota sina voit jatkaa. Lue tarina ja keksi jatko. Taman jalkeen laheta ehdotuksesi minulle sahkopostitse. Valitse aina epamaaraisin valiajoin parhaan jatko tarinan. Lisayksen ajankohta riippuu  ehdotuksien saapumisesta. Tulehan vilkaisemaan aina silloin talloin! Valitettavasti juuri nyt on taalta loytyy vain englanninkielinen versio....
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Chapter 1 - By Samuel Tenhunen

One grey morning a man with a hugely oversized hat and loose pants walked into the store. He stoped right after steping in and stared around for a minute. It was hard to make out his eyes under the hat. Finally the man farted a loud smelly fart and moved along. Men and women around the infected area were falling down, and starting to laugh like after inhaling a good sample of Laughing gas. The man moved along towards the chili section and reached for his favorite, Mom's Spicy Chili. He took three cans with him and started to head towards the door.

Suddenly, a gang of three men dressed in long coat and sunglasses walked in. They took a quick glance around and spotted the man with the hat. They quickly walked to him and the middle one opened his mouth.

"Come with us. The Grandmaster has a new mission for you." be continued...