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Ok, you are now on the page you can find my resume. I am currently still studying in Hawaii Pacific University for my B.A. in Advertising (Graduation: Winter 2000), but I have gathered some still gathered some experience. I am always looking for a good or better job in advertising or graphic design, so if you like what you see, please send me an email. I am also interested in a job that is somehow related to webpage design.

I have included some images I have made with PhotoShop for school. 


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Selva, olet parhaillaan sviulla joilta loytyy minun englannin kielinen "tyohakemukseni." Suomessahan ei aivan samaa systeemia kayteta, mutta jos joku sattuu tarvitsemaan kansainvalisella kokemuksella varustettua nuorta mainostoimistoon tai huolehtimaan graafisesta suunnittelusta, katsohan eteenpain. Tietenkin Internet suunnittelu tai vastaava paikka kiinnostaisi. Olen viela yliopistossa Hawaiilla, ja olen valmistumassa talvella 1999/2000.

Mukana talla sivulla myos joitain kuvia joita olen suunnitellut PhotoShop-ohjelmalla koulu tapahtumiin.

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To assimilate and immerse in an American-run workplace, while acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance and supplement my learning.

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Communications Consultant
Current (SInce October 1998)

  • Help customers to use the computers
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Answer questions concerning computer problems
  • Advice in best ways to create a presentation or a product


Assistant Business Manager
Kalamalama (HPU Student Newspaper) Current (Since September 1998)

  • Creating and designing advertisements for clients
  • Responsible for presenting the organizations media portfolio to prospective clients
  • Client Relations
  • Clerical Duties

Oahu Transit Service
Summer 1998

  • Updated Web-site by imputing text and changing the layout
  • Created Flash-graphics for the new Web-site
  • Retouched visual images for projects by using PhotoShop program
  • Designed and created
    "E Malama"-book by utilizing QuarkExpress-program
  • Helped with special projects, including designing new stationary
  • Planned storyboards for Public Service Announcements for TV
  • Tabulating text for manuals and brochures
  • Light Clerical

Graphic Designer
(Internet Specialist)

Pandesign Oy
Summers 1996 and 1997

  • Retouched visual images for projects by using PhotoShop program
  • Conceptualized working text for clientele Web-sites
  • Designed layouts for clientele Web-pages
  • Created mock layouts for potential clients in order to showcase firm’s capabilities using FreeHand and PageMaker programs

Editor-in-Chief / Director of Promotions
RUK (Finnish School for Military) 1995-1996 (Oct.-Feb.)

  • Designed layout for "Yearbook" utilizing PageMaker program
  • Recruited and trained a staff of 8 for special positions, like photographer, graphic designer, and journalist.
  • Retouched visual images for projects using PhotoShop program
  • Negotiated terms and conditions with printers of said publication

Hawaii Pacific University
1996 (Sept.) - Present

  • Member of the Lambda Pi Eta, National Communications Honor Society, since Fall 1998
  • Award a honorary status of a "Presidents Host" at Fall 1998
  • Publicist for Akamai Advertising Agency (1997-1998)
  • Represented the school in the National Students Advertising Competition
  • Participate in the Annual AAF-student competition by creating the creative plan for Hallmarks advertising campaign
  • As the Vice-President of Club Boheme was responsible for publishing and creating the bi-monthly newsletter
  • Was chosen as the Team Player of the year for School year 1997-1998
  • Helped to create the Web-site for HPU’s communication program
  • Created fliers and ads for the Press Club and was awarded as the Most Active member of 1996-1997 School Year 
  • President of the European Students Association 1998-1999
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1996 - Present Hawaii Pacific University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree with emphasis on Advertising
  • Expected Graduation: Winter 1999

1995 - 1996 Finnish Army

  • Was awarded a status of Second Lieutenant
  • Served as a liaison between the officers and the soldiers in the "Soldiers Activity Board"
  • In charge of creating "a yearbook"
  • Fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English
  • Knowledge in variety of software (PageMaker, FreeHand, QuarkXpress, DreamWeaver, FrontPage, PhotoShop, Flash3, Excel, Word, Illustrator) and operating systems (MacIntosh and PC)
  • Working knowledge of HTML and DHTML

Dr. Helen Varner
Vice-President of University Relations
Phone number upon request

Dr. Larry LeDoux
Faculty Editor of Kalamalama
Phone number upon request

Sandra Hiraoka
Graphic Designer - TheBus
Phone number upon request