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MistermeaneR formed in March of 1997 in a run down crack house used as a studio in Honolulu. Warren (lead vocals) and Kimo (guitar) played acoustic guitar together in Kimo's house for about a month. Then Warren got the idea to get a couple of other guys together and start a band. He contacted his friends that played in other bands Hanaea, Ken, and Neil, (from the Goodfellas) gave them (Warren and Kimo) the idea of what they wanted to do.

Then came Ken "tool man" to drum, (and Warren's dad has been known to sit in on a couple of sessions on bass). Warren wasn't singing yet, he was playing bass instead, but since he didn't play very well the boys at the rehearsal room said he should sing instead. Then "tool man" left and Warren remembered jammin' a few times with Josh (drums) a while back. He gave him a call and came aboard. Then the boys where at a party and met Ernie (bass), who played guitar on his, own. They guys mentioned that they were looking for a bass player and Ernie responded with "I can play bass", then it started for real.
MistermeaneR had their first show three weeks after getting the final four together and have played many shows since. Including going on tour in September 1998 in Southern California (it went off!) Playing with Absolute and the Dead Lights (formerly Suction), and playing the Vans Warped Tour in Hawaii, "Excellent Experience!" MistermeaneR also has a full length Demo out under Stone Entertainment, a division of the Volcom clothing line. The Demo includes thirteen songs produced by Warren Hassett and MistermeaneR, available for around $10. MistermeaneR is planning on recording another twenty-something song CD when they get the funding.

They are working hard to achieve this next goal so expect it soon (under who knows which label). Personal Bio's Josh Juman is 25 years old from D.C. Maryland. He is an ex-navy assassin, plays the drums in an aggressive fashion, just like he plays the game of life. Nickname, Dognuts, he's a master of the double fisted gonad. Musical influences include; Minor Threat, Tom Jones, System of a Down, Ween, Guitar Chris, to name a few. Ernesto Nales Jr. is 29 years old from Long Island, New York. Heavy weight loverboy, plays bass in manner of a lead guitarist. Nickname, too many to list, he's a master of the drunken monkey style, the self-proclaimed drunk of the band.
Musical influences include; Dead Kennedy's, Slayer, Minor Threat, and his own gut feeling. Kimo Peterson is 27 years old, 50% nice guy 50% snapcase. Plays guitar defiantly in a style all his own. Nickname, angry man. He's a master of the road rage style. Musical influences include; VOD, System of a Down, Minor Threat, Ben Harper, and 10 yard fight, Fatage. Warren Hassett is 27 years old and has been declared clinically insane by his friends. Strained vocals, and screams in tune. Nickname, Huh? Master of the backside 180 style. Musical influences include; Descendents, Black Flag, 88 Fingers Louis, Black Eyed Peas, NoFX, and Faster