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YES! It is the page of fun. I have collected here some of my favorite computer games. I have links, explations and what ever I decide to gather. I have always (since I got my first computer around the age of 10) loved strategic and roleplaying games. When ever I have time from my busy schedule, this is the way I relax (next to reading books).

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Jihaa! Tama on nyt sitten sivu omistettu vapaa ajalle (=peleille ;-). Nailta sivuilta tulee loytymaan linkkeja, selvityksia ja mita lie keksin laittamaan tietokone peleihin liittyen. Olen aina pitanyt strategia ja roolipeleista. Milloin vain aikaa loytyy erittain tiiviilta aikataulultani, tama on se tapa milla rentoudun (kirjojen ohella).

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animdiablo.gif (26347 bytes) Diablo is one of the best (in my and many others opinion) roleplaying games you can play on the internet. There is a free demo available (50MB).
There is a new version under developement...
Middle Earth Roleplaying game
(by email)
This game is a PBEM (play by e-mail) game, you can play with up to 25 people at one time. One game usually lasts about a year with turns every week to two weeks.
I have been playing this came since 93. It has develop tremendously since then. I really like it so.. check it out ;-)